The Bards of the Morning Star, or “BARDS” for short, are a small group of mystics whose sworn duty to the universe is to recount the story of the Shining One “Nazili” utilizing the time honored oral traditions of song.

The bulk of the musical epic is currently in the process of being written and drafts recorded. The working copy of the playlist can be found on the SoundCloud profile of The Pat Perkins Problem.

This playlist represents the tentative order in which songs will appear. Only a few have been completed thus far, but the BARDS are working tirelessly to get them written and recorded so we can move ahead with an official release, which will also include an illustrated story book.

1. The Panspermic Abiogenesis of EA (instrumental)(new)
2. Rubbing
3. I Am The Light
4. Of Science and Magick
5. Hunting Season
6. Fleeting Protons (pre-reprisal)
7. A Thousand Lives Later
8. Something is Coming
9. I Will Love the Light (For it Shows Me The Way)
10. Cumulous Cloud (maybe with full rewrite)
11. Eve Of Destruction
12. Swell
13. Eden is Emptied
14. Bleeding Protons
15. The Spontaneous Mechanical Repopulation of EA (instrumental)