The BARDS are a pseudo-mythological group of musicians and minstrels responsible for composing and recording the saga of the Shining One in the form of song, and passing this down through timeless generations. Little is known about their true identity in this plane of existence, their messages are instead communicated across the oxide layer within the Mystic Tape Deck to a group of editors who are specially trained to utilize various musical instruments and technological devices as divining rods which extract the story from the True Wheel. Speculation abounds regarding the nature of their physical existence and manifestation in our common plane of existence. It is said that they are as eternal as the Shining One himself, existing through all periods of time and spatial dimension. Others speculate that The BARDS are not timeless or eternal at all, instead are simply a manifestation of cause and effect which recurs with every turn of the True Wheel.

Belles, The

The Belles are a family of collectors and curators of several historical oddity museums rumored to be affiliated with the secretive group known as “The Cloak.” During the 1970’s, the family owned and operated a moderately successful yet highly notable chain of roadside attractions and curios museums across the United States, with most locations centered alongside the famed Route 66.

Jakob Nyquist Belle (b. 1902 d. 1986) was a noted philanthropist in addition to being a renowned adventurer and collector of historical curios and oddities. He married Claudia Bankole in 1943 immediately following World War 2. Claudia was a noted copyright attorney, and was on a permanent retainer for the notorious “SHINE” record label in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

They had three children: Theodore Arkin Belle, Rebekkah Anne Belle, and Catherine Nightly Belle.

Masterson, Scott

The lead singer and guitarist for SHINE Records band, Trilliant.

Shining One, The

The Shining One has been known by many names throughout history, and is the central figure in the new mythology.

An eternal being whose consciousness cannot die, it instead travels to a new host body upon the expiry of the previous receptacle.

Many of history’s greatest mysteries and tragedies have been partially demonstrated to be products of, or at minimum, by-products of the Shining One’s influence and actions upon the world.

The Cloak are especially interested in tracking and recording the activities and effects of his existence on the greater scope of humanity.

They believe that the time loop which the human race is eternally stuck repeating can eventually be broken by finding a way for the Shining One to finally expire.

The primary focus of study with regard to the Shining One centers around the question of free will vs. determinism.

Since the time loop begins and ends the same way with each iteration, the Cloak believe the Shining One is the pin which forbids the very structure of time from progressing further into the future beyond a certain pre-defined point. The path of his existence and actions represents the fabric of deterministic laws governing the universe itself. Because the loop ends and begins the same way with each successive iteration, the same trajectory of cause and effect is followed each time.

As the Shining One appears to be eternally mired in a struggle to defeat the deterministic path of his own existence, the Cloak’s mission is to record the details of each iteration onto an enchanted trans-dimensional magnetic record-keeping device referred to by them as “The True Wheel,” or what we refer to as the Mystic Tape Deck.

The True Wheel represents the only known thread through the loop which is able to accumulate new information and trajectory with each successive turn. When the loop resets and begins again, the “tape” is somehow preserved and not wiped/erased.

Through this method of mystical accounting, the Cloak hopes to eventually gather enough cumulative knowledge to defeat the deterministic path of humanity and finally stop the loop from resetting, which in turn would finally allow humanity to reach their ultimate evolutionary destiny as beings of peace and light.

The trajectory of cause and effect includes the Cloak discovering the True Wheel in every iteration of the loop, so the knowledge it contains is passed on through each succession.