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The BARDS are a pseudo-mythological group of musicians and minstrels responsible for composing and recording the saga of the Shining One in the form of song, and passing this down through timeless generations. Little is known about their true identity in this plane of existence, their messages are instead communicated across the oxide layer within the Mystic Tape Deck to a group of editors who are specially trained to utilize various musical instruments and technological devices as divining rods which extract the story from the True Wheel. Speculation abounds regarding the nature of their physical existence and manifestation in our common plane of existence. It is said that they are as eternal as the Shining One himself, existing through all periods of time and spatial dimension. Others speculate that The BARDS are not timeless or eternal at all, instead are simply a manifestation of cause and effect which recurs with every turn of the True Wheel.

Belles, The

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The Belles are a family of collectors and curators of several historical oddity museums rumored to be affiliated with the secretive group known as “The Cloak.”

During the 1970’s, the family owned and operated a moderately successful yet highly notable chain of roadside attractions and curios museums across the United States, with most locations centered alongside the famed Route 66.

Jakob Nyquist Belle (b. 1902 d. 1986) was a noted philanthropist in addition to being a renowned adventurer and collector of historical curios and oddities.

Jacob married Claudia Bankole in 1943 immediately following World War 2. Claudia was a noted copyright attorney, and was on a permanent retainer for the notorious “SHINE” record label in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

They had three children: Theodore Arkin Belle (b. 1958), Rebekkah Anne Belle (b. 1963), and Catherine Nightly Belle (B. 1965).

Cloak, The

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The Cloak refers to a secret society founded in part by John Dee in the late 16th century to hide, protect, and serve the interests of the Shining One.

Not much is actually known about this highly secretive group, but they are known to have a presence all around the world, most often in close proximity to megalithic structures and holy places of worship or mystery.

Some have speculated that they are the true face behind “The Illuminati” and many other conspiratorially themed, equally secretive organizations bent on “destroying the world” or otherwise bringing about the wholesale destruction of the human race.

Evelyn Ross

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Evelyn Ross (b. 1945, d. 2007) was a publicist and head of artist relations department at SHINE records in the 1960’s and 1970’s. She also acted as a personal manager and spiritual advisor to many of the bands on the label.

She was responsible for recruiting virtually every artist signed to SHINE, and was revered for her ability to spot and quickly onboard new and unique talent for the label.

Evelyn enjoyed a particularly close relationship with Scott Masterson of Trilliant as well as sharing a connection with the perpetually mysterious SHINE CEO Thune Garrison.

When Scott Masterson defected and left the United States after several failed attempts on his life by mysterious and unknown individuals, Evelyn Ross travelled with him – the two of them first disappearing into Peru then later continuing to flee repeated threats on their lives – eventually relocating to an remote uninhabited island rumored to lie somewhere off the western coast of the African continent.


Masterson, Scott

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The lead singer and guitarist for SHINE Records band, Trilliant.

SHINE Records

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SHINE Records is (mostly) defunct record label founded by Thune Garrison in the late 1950’s in Los Angeles, California.

At it’s peak, its rosters included over 35 bands of many differing musical genres, hailing from all around the world.

Bands on SHINE Records:

  • Trilliant
  • Cotillion Friars
  • Dirty Riders
  • China Pig
  • The Bell Tollers
  • Badwater Three

Theodore Arkin Belle

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Theodore Arkin Belle is the son of Jakob Nyquist Belle and Claudia Bankole, born January 11th, 1958 in Los Angeles, California.

Later in life, Theodore became a noted theologian and historian, chronicling the origins of The Cloak of Nazili and cataloguing artifacts recovered from many archaeological digs related to the Cloak and the SHINING ONE.

While never confirmed to be an actual member of the Cloak, Theodore has been quoted in many of their publications, even authoring a series of informational recruitment pamphlets in the late 1970’s.

He is the 20th century’s foremost academic with regard to the Cloak of Nazili, as well as the historical activity and whereabouts of THE SHINING ONE.