The Editors of Mystic Tape Deck are happy to announce we will be featuring music reviews on our site now.

Some might view this as a desperate bid to increase traffic on our site, but they would only be half right.

We also hold a very high regard for experimental, avant-garde, fringe music as well as many forms of art rock and electro-organic music.

Because we also feel that these genres are tragically under represented in today’s world of cookie cutter indie rock website bibles, we decided to start putting some effort into reviewing music that WE personally like and wish more people could hear.

There are no hard rules, but we generally do not accept submissions, at least not at this time. We may decide to do it by request in the future, but for now we plan on just sticking to music we think is really great and should be reaching a wider audience. If we can help with that even just a tiny bit, then our job here is done.


GOATS: Far Out

Posted Friday, April 26th, 2019. Genres: , , , .
Goats: Far Out

The other day, I answered a random question on Twitter about what I thought my favorite Lou Reed record was. Or which record I thought was his best. I answered easily, “The Blue Mask.” It’s just my favorite. So many paranoid, crazy, psychotic moments. All of this mixed with bursts of “almost” illumination, as though […]

Gogo Luck!

Posted Wednesday, April 24th, 2019. Genres: , , .
gogo luck

In our relatively short tenure listing our music on SoundCloud, we have met an astounding number of talented and fascinating musical projects which inspire us. It became apparent right away that there is this whole giant macrocosm of creators lurking behind the screen, who welcomed us into the fold right away, almost like they were […]