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gogo luck

In our relatively short tenure listing our music on SoundCloud,

we have met an astounding number of talented and fascinating musical projects which inspire us. It became apparent right away that there is this whole giant macrocosm of creators lurking behind the screen, who welcomed us into the fold right away, almost like they were always there, just waiting for us to come around.

We are old four track home recording veterans of many years, it has always been our preferred way to experiment and capture those odd ball ideas floating around in the frothy seas of our collective mind. I always used to think how great it would be to belong to some kind of global community that shared each other’s basement recordings and passed cassette tapes through the mail. Unfortunately, I was never very good at mailing things so that never really materialized for me until I found out about SoundCloud.

We had a few tracks added there many years ago that had accumulated a couple plays here and there – but it never amounted to much until I started digging into some of the other artists there. It was like stumbling into a gold mine of creative ambitions – full of people making music for all the best reasons – but mainly for their own amusement and the unabashed enjoyment of others. As I dug around in the mines, I uncovered so many glittering gems and long veins of raw gold, my every spare moment was quickly being consumed entirely by discovering other weirdos and people like me who just wanted to make something cool and share it with the world.

One of those people that hooked me right away was North Carolina’s Gogo Luck, the one-man musical project of David Goguluk.

He has been making music for about three or four years, and he started doing it just to sort of see if he could.

I was curious if I could write a song, what kind of song it’d be,” he says.

Gogo Luck’s music is recorded in a very bare-bones simple operation in an upstairs room of his house using Auria Pro and a few plugins. He does everything himself, mainly writing about his life and his wife. His songs are very lyric-centric and usually begin with a couple lines he has bobbing around in his head. I asked him a little about what his writing process is like, and aside from his songs usually beginning with a line or two meant for his wife, he responds:

I generally just try to express what matters to me, how I see the world, and try to be poetic where I can. There’s a little bit of mysticism and a little mythos operating in my work, but nothing too serious or formalized. I like the idea of love songs as parables and allegories, though that can get clunky in practice.

Having listened to a lot of his music, with tracks on SoundCloud dating back two years or more, I can best describe it as intimate and personal rock music with a definite psychedelic and experimental edge to it. He deftly incorporates bubbling muddy wobbly synth parts, bobbing, almost bouncy bass lines, meandering melodies and intricate guitar parts that weave glowing and colorful tapestries together with the vocals. His voice croons, at times almost seeming on the edge of breathlessness. There’s a lot of feeling put into his songs, and the lyrics are always a treat – full of syncopation, cadence, rhythm, and rife with vivid imagery. Listening to his work always takes me on a little journey where I am able to forget where I am and what I am doing and provide a pleasant escape from the ordinary doldrums of reality.

MTD: Can you name some other artists who inspire you? They don’t have to be strictly limited to sc artists or whatever, just who do you like to listen to when you aren’t making music yourself? Who would you recommend other people check out?

GGL: As somebody who doesn’t listen to music much, SoundCloud has been a great education for me. I love the experimentation there. It makes you a little freer to try new things.

Key Elektro does really cool work with synthesizers, and he’s got a nice body of work up.

Also Gargyzaa, who has this really engaging collage approach to composing. There’s something literary about Gargyzaa too — he reminds me of novels I’ve loved by Kafka or Burroughs. They’re both too technically skilled for me to imitate, but I love what they do.

As far as the mainstream, I’m probably most influenced by Brian Wilson’s composing on The Beach Boys smile bootlegs. I got a little too much into those. Morrissey, Dylan, and Ghostface Killah are lyricists I’ve been obsessed with at some point.

“The rotten kids in the wings
Drop the rocks from the slings
When the priestess sings…”

— From “Let an Old Man Drown”

For the time being, his material is available on SoundCloud, BandCamp, and Spotify, and he does not press physical product. His approach is honest, unassuming, endearing and humble – which is always refreshing and ultimately rewarding. Every few weeks I check up on him, he is one of those artists that I do my best to keep up with, as I always enjoy his tracks. I hope you will dig it too, and take the time to explore his catalog of tunes, there is definitely something new there for you to discover.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/gogo-luck/tracks
BandCamp: https://gogoluck.bandcamp.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gogo__Luck
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/11wovtT1RJMvIpols0HvxT