Nabucco Dinosaur!

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Nabucco Dinosaur

“Nabucco” was an opera by Verdi composed in 1841. It is short for “Nebuchadnezzar” – who was at once the longest reigning and most powerful monarch of the neo-Assyrian empire as well as the name of Morpheus’ ship in the Wachowskis 1999 film odyssee, “The Matrix.” The most well-known song from Verdi’s opera was the “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” – its popular chorus sang “Fly, thought, on golden wings.” Nebuchadnezzar was also known as the destroyer of Solomon’s temple – a place known for ritual sacrifice, ritual cleanings, and sacred prostitution.

So, what do an ancient King of Babylon, Morpheus, and Dinosaurs have in common?

Well, this is purely conjecture on my part – but there’s some heavy stuff going on here. In the Book of Daniel 14:23–30, it is stated that “There was a great dragon which the Babylonians revered” which Daniel slays by means of baking pitch, fat, and hair to make barley cakes which cause the dragon to burst open upon eating them. Was this dragon a dinosaur? Did Morpheus name his ship after king Nebuchadnezzar because of his vision to unite the four kingdoms, or his exile and subsequent enslavement of the Israelites? Is it all just one big metaphor for humanity’s endless struggle for a freedom it can hardly comprehend, from a life of involuntary servitude it is hardly even aware of?

Some might pore over dusty ancient tomes and scratchy old DVD’s found in a thrift store bin looking for answers. While others – the elite few – already know the secret of the mysterious and enigmatic Nabucco Dinosaur.

The truth is out there, seekers. It is as easy as a short journey through the magical glowing rectangle dimension to a special realm known as “Ye Olde Cloude of Sounds” – or some might know it more simply, as SoundCloud.

There, lurking among the strange and towering vegetation growing against the magical crystalline stream, lurks the one and the only – the true Nabucco Dinosaur. It is a mystical three headed creature that spans multiple nations across the globe. One head of this fantastic creature is situated near Florence, Italy – its name is Piero Peluche. Another head named “electricpaul” resides in Paris France, while its third and final head rests in Seattle, Washington and is known by “KK.”

The trio have been making music for nearly four decades – and have run the musical gamut. From bands, to scores for commercials, the members have all been very busy creating cool stuff for a long time now.

They have a merch shop at Tee Spring – it’s just a few products and they’re available to anyone who’s interested. T-shirts and mugs emblazoned with their unique brand of imagery are available here:

As far as physical products like cd’s and the like, electricpaul says: “Personally, I’m not much inclined to generate instant plastic garbage – as CDs are an antiquated and unnecessary technological encumberment. However, a small booklet, hard or perfect bound, the exact same size and dimension on a CD jewel case, with illustrations and stories, lyrics and anecdotes, I think would be nice. With a download link included. Vinyl album dimensioned single artwork printed on metal squares, or pillows, could be cool as pictorial decoration.” (You can find a link to their Bandcamp page at the end of this article, in the event you are inclined to give them your money, which we highly recommend.)

Lately their work has taken on a bit of a political theme, obviously since having the equivalent of a sour milk restaurant dumpster full of shitty diapers on fire and rolling down a hill for a President – it’s understandable. There is an easy target there, like all the punk groups who wrote about Reagan in the 80’s. Not to disparage the political themed songs at all – they are imbued with the same creative flow and dynamism as any of their other tracks. Immediately listenable and enjoyable. Their sound is heavily inspired by lots of contemporary indie rock, but draws upon many older psychedelic influences from the 60’s and 70’s. There is a fair amount of experimentation woven into the occasionally unusual structures and progressions, loaded up with lots of fuzzy overdriven guitar melodies, layered with tight harmonies on the vocals, and a smattering of virtual instruments and synthesizers, resulting in a sticky arrangement of sweet and sour ear candy. Above all else, there is a real knack for songwriting at play here, which can surprise you when considering the geographic gap between the members. It congeals well, despite the members never being in the same room together during the recording process. As a collaborative effort spanning the nothing less than a couple of continents and an ocean, it is quite amazing how much they manage to sound like a band. A band I truly enjoy, for that matter.

Now, close your eyes and swallow the red pill, Mr. Anderson, and take a dive down the rabbit hole to check out Nabucco Dinosaur today.