The great and holy cosmogony

In the beginning there was only the truth, a solid sphere of light outside of which nothing else existed. This truth consisted of all of the information in the universe in its entirety, every event that was ever to happen, everything that was ever to be discovered and known, everything that was true and right. In the beginning they were “intact” – forming not so much a sphere as just an intact singular dimension.

This “intact truth” was self aware, similar to a big ethereal brain continually creating the “story of everything” – endlessly iterating details within its own enclosed consciousness. When this story is told, it is told as though it is being read out loud from these records inscribed upon The True Wheel. In creating the story of everything, this sort of cosmic brain came across a series of logical paradoxes which “broke” it into pieces.

The light imagined darkness, and the light was invaded and interpolated with darkness as though the light was shattered scattering its bits far and wide.

The universe appears infinite only to self aware beings who perceive it perpendicular to their own finite existence. As perception is increased and widened sufficiently, environment is in turn, magnified. As we reach each new vista from which to peer beyond, the view is created “on demand” each time so there is never an “end” to what can be perceived. This is what constitutes the “grand folly” of self-aware beings. They can never have true knowledge of the nature of things as there is no end to how far we can look for truth. The deeper we look, the greater the magnification and the further we are able to look from each succeeding vista. In reality, the universe is not infinite, but singular in dimension. We are merely able to examine it in infinite detail.

As sentient human beings we “exist” within this giant cosmic brain that is imagining not only us, but the universe which we can in turn observe. We are the means through which this great cosmic brain is able to be self aware, instruments and tools of its exploration. In order for it to become whole again, it needs to find all of the pieces of itself, and we are it’s primary instruments for gathering them. On the subatomic realm of existence, it has been shown that a particle when split can retain the memory of its other half (re: quantum entanglement), this is because every piece of anything that is, was once part of a whole of which it retains a memory of and desperately wants to become part of again. The whole vitality of existence itself is explained as the almost “magnetic” attraction of the many striving to become the one.

In the beginning a lifeless Earth is transformed by a crashed cosmic entity containing a “luminous seed” inside of which exists this information and all that ever will be. By the process of Panspermic Abiogenesis, it sprouts again and spontaneously generates conscious, self-aware life on Earth. There were all manner of creatures which existed before this, but they had no real self-awareness. The higher creatures (who exist on a higher vibrational band of life than self-aware beings do) possess life and all endemic to it, but possess no true self-awareness. They are not beguiled by the curse of imagining they have free will, they do not imagine they have a “purpose” or that they are playing a part in a larger story. The higher creatures do not imagine they can change the story, they have no self-importance or ego. The lower-band entities such as humans are, are subject to this eternal folly of believing in free will and a larger story because there is a “seed” in their souls which calls out to the cosmic brain like a sort of homing beacon.

Amongst the struggle of natural selection, and somewhat inexplicably, a special being came into existence who cannot die. Whenever his presently corporeal form expires, his fully encapsulated consciousness travels to another host body which it then occupies. Additionally it has been noted in the holy texts that occasionally, randomly, and unpredictably this being becomes “illuminated.” In this state of illumination he can recall all details of his previous lives and access the True Wheel almost instantaneously. In this state of illumination, his body actually and physically emits a form of light that makes him appear to be glowing. This being is therefore referred to in legend and mythology as “The Shining One.”

Across the span of several millennia, a group of mystics discover this special being and form a secretive global organization devoted to the study and documentation of this beings peculiar course of existence. They utilize a device known among their inner circles as “The True Wheel,” upon which they are able to transcribe and retrieve information regarding the nature of the Shining One’s existence. The process of reading and writing to and from this record involves a complex set of rituals performed which transports their own consciousness to a new lower vibrational band where the wheel can actually be “seen” and accessed. Their studies, which span several millennia of time, reveal that existence as we experience it is finite and stuck in a temporal loop. This temporal loop is directly connected to the evolutionary trajectory of the Shining One’s existence. It is determined that the temporal and causal loop is triggered directly by actions of the Shining One’s continuing presence and influence throughout the course of mankind’s existence.

In the struggle to discover and understand how reality is intrinsically linked to the Shining One’s existential trajectory, the Cloak discovers this temporal loop and devises a means to partially subvert it. The nature of this link is such that a fabric of deterministic cause and effect can be perceived but is ultimately too infinitely complex for us as a species to fully comprehend or observe. The mission of The Cloak therefore becomes trifold.

  1. To study and document the long and incredibly complex chains of causality triggered by the existence of the Shining One
  2. To prevent actual knowledge and awareness of the existence of this being from the general population (hence, the name “The Cloak” – derived from their decided purpose to hide the light from being widely discovered.)
  3. To uncover or develop a means for the Shining One to finally die and disappear from the temporal deterministic chain in order to finally allow human beings to achieve their ultimate destiny of becoming enlightened beings themselves, once again uniting one truth within the great cosmic brain.

The Cloak learns to use the True Wheel to record data collected regarding this being, as the True Wheel exists in a realm outside of the “normal” ebb and flow of the temporal loop. When the loop resets, the Wheel retains its encoded information through successive iterations. With each iteration of the loop, human consciousness is wiped clean while the records inscribed upon the True Wheel are cumulatively retained. The Cloak credit the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel as the first to discover and observe the true wheel – which was first described as a “wheel within a wheel.”

One revolution of the inner wheel represents one complete iteration of the deterministic loop, while the outer wheel remains fixed. Due to the unusual nature of this outer wheel, the Cloak learn to successively transmit knowledge across iterations of the loop in such a manner that with each repetition they are able to grow and transmit knowledge regarding the Shining One with increasingly cumulative detail. It is their hope that with enough of these iterations they will eventually have collected enough information to understand how to help the Shining One escape eternal existence and thus alter the deterministic trajectory and halt the temporal loop once and for all. It is their firm belief that bringing about the death of the Shining One is the only means to allow the human race to themselves become illuminated beings and thus escape endless purgatory and darkness, fulfilling their final destiny.