WTF is Mystic Tape Deck?

What is Mystic Tape Deck?

“What the hell is going on here? I am so confused. I don’t know what this website is, what it is for, and this all seems kind of strange. I’m a little scared but still curious and find myself unable to look away.”

Relax. It’s going to be ok. Well, we can’t exactly promise you won’t lose your mind. Many who have taken the trip down the GLOWING ROAD certainly have lost their minds, or at least a good chunk of it somewhere along the way.

What we CAN promise you is that there is a good chance you will have a really great time doing so.

The Mystic Tape Deck is a device through which our editors communicate with otherworldly beings, across the oxide abyss. Stories are conveyed, bits of information gathered, collected and assembled through painstaking transliteration and transcription processes performed by our tireless editors.

The Mystic Tape Deck editors are in the process of transcribing the epic story of the “SHINING ONE” – a mythical figure who reincarnates into different bodies while retaining his consciousness from the previous life. He has existed since the birth of life on Earth and persists beyond the end of life as we know it. There and back again, as a wise and timeless epic may call it. The story takes place in the past, present and future, and is accompanied by a “concept record” or collection of songs as well as plans for a graphic novel in the future. Stick around, we may even discover entirely new unexplored mediums for telling the story.

How to learn more about Mystic Tape Deck:

You can read the STORY here as it is divined from across the oxide barrier by our group of editors.

You can hear some of the SONGS produced by the BARDS of The Morning Star.

You can receive the radiant host and walk the glowing road with us by reaching out.