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Mystic Tape Deck Presents:

“ART IS ALIVE” – A Manifesto

Art is not an object
Nor is it at any point stationary or still
It is not what you see with your eyes
Or even what you feel with your heart
Or what you may touch with your money grubbing fingers
But in turn, all of these things, in part
Artistry is the practice of crafting the experience of art
The experience is the art is the experience of the art
Brought into the world, birthed by the mother
The object is broken into kindling for the fire
A lit match falling onto a bed of dry straw
There is a priesthood to it, a vicarage, a duty
The catalyst, the architect, the monk
Something from nothing new to the world
The art too, like you, yearns to be set free
To run amok about your spindly legs
Whipping you with a willow branch
A gruesome goblin giggling like a maniac
Threatening your expensive comforts
It defaces its price tag, spits upon itself
Pissing down the cream tinted walls of the gallery

It shrieks:
“You cannot contain me with your dull gaze
And your pithy egoistic intellectual analyses
I hereby disarm you and toss aside your measuring stick
As I run out the door and into the world, screaming
To jump from mind to mind like a virus
Infecting and evolving and mutating
You cannot catch me now
The circle has been broken and I am free
You may sweep my severed sac from the gallows
And bury my placenta in the sunken earth
Or suffocate me in trenchant bogs of academia
But the experience is alive and traveling
I have hatched and run away
To nest in minds and memories
In a world inextricably altered by my existence alone
I am all of this now,
and I cannot be removed or revoked.”