Cosmogony: The Mystic Tape Deck Is the Is, the Was and the What Will Be

The Mystic Tape Deck can be imagined as a rough analog to the Akashic Records, a loop of magnetic tape which contains the great cosmic story of all that ever was, and all that will ever be. The multidimensional universe we observe and exist within is one that has existed before, and will exist again, forever trapped in an endlessly repeating deterministic loop of causality, unable to break free of it’s temporal cycle.

This universe appears infinite only to self aware beings who perceive it perpendicular to their own finite existences. As perception is increased, so is its environment magnified. As we reach each new vista from which to peer beyond, the view is created “on demand” so there is never an “end” to what can be perceived or is being perceived. This is what constitutes the “grand folly” of self-aware beings. They can never have true knowledge of the nature of things as there is no end to how far we can look for truth. The deeper we look, the greater the magnification and the further we are able to look from each succeeding vista. In reality, the universe is not infinite, but singular in dimension. We are merely able to examine it in infinite detail. It is not an issue of distance, but an issue of magnification.

The universe “exists” within this giant cosmic brain that is imagining not only us, but the entirety of the universe which we can in turn observe or otherwise imagine. We are the means through which this great cosmic brain is able to be self aware, instruments and tools of its internal exploration. In order for it to become whole again, it needs to find all of the pieces of itself, and we are it’s instruments for gathering them. On the subatomic realm of existence, it has been shown that a particle when split can retain the memory of it’s other half (quantum entanglement), this is because every piece of anything that is, was once part of a whole of which it retains a memory of and desperately wants to become part of again. The whole vitality of existence itself is explained as the almost “magnetic” attraction of the many striving to become the one. What we perceive as logical paradoxes are considered sacred, for they represent the struggle of the shards to become whole again, and to perhaps one day break free of the endless cycle, either by vanquishing the cosmic brain altogether or otherwise somehow replacing it with our own construction.