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Mystic Tape Deck

Mystic Tape Deck is a communicative device used to convey the details of a series of multimedia projects produced by a group of trans-dimensional, pseudo-mythological, time and tone bending entities known as The BARDS.

All of our current projects (musical as well as non-musical) revolve around a semi-fictional, highly conceptual universe.

In the cosmogony of our particular conceptual universe, the “Mystic Tape Deck” can be imagined as a device which allows for the selective cross-blending of our “real” universe and the altered, augmented reality of our semi-fictional quasi-universe. In our cosmogony, this is primarily conveyed through a collection of music, mythology, and legend. The Mystic Tape Deck acts as a sort of bridge between a fictional universe and the more “real” universe we are accustomed to.

Additionally, the spools of recording material inside the Mystic Tape Deck can also be considered an analog for the Akashic Record, which we colloquially refer to as “the oxide layer” or in more direct terms, “The True Wheel.”

It is primarily used by a secretive cult of trans-dimensional mystics who operate under the moniker “The Cloak,” as an encyclopedic repository of knowledge regarding the one true and eternal being of light, known most commonly as “The Shining One.”


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