The Dark Twins

On the darkest day, before the light was shone upon the world again
A binodal entity emerges from the wilting lotus with a sudden squall, 
A chilling cry flung to the furthest reaches of the infinite void
Two hearts beating out a blackened pulse, a faintly quivering quasar
Cadences of contractions beaming irregular stellar oscillations
Showering Gaia with shadow stimuli, somber seeds from which sprout
Tenebrous trembling tendrils of measureless miscreation and mutation
Time itself is turned and twisted, folded over upon itself in a moebius
Illusory squirming dissimulation, a static field appears to flicker
Imposing its shaded slippery imposture on the guileless consciousness 
Unable to see beyond the veil, a shady materialization of phantasm
Untethering the eternal witness from the stygian moonless obelisks   
Symbiotic entities twisted and entwined, tiny fingers curl and clasp
Two cynosures met in mitosis, locked loosely in elastic hysteresis
Morphogenetic embryos writhing gently in submercronic tassulations 
Fused in unshakable symphonic syncretism, embracing gastrulation
Swirling into singularity, a phase shifting waltz impossibly indistinct
Together they tango tenuously across tightropes strung across canyons
Where flow tumbling temporal rivers rushing on to yawning cosmic seas
Opposites defining each other, the spectrum between only violence
By which justice is measured and meted by most judicious jurists
Upon whose tail ends said savagery is perpetually perpetrated
These Infernal arbiters who find everyone guilty in every instance
Whom when divided or divergent become increasingly combustible
In equal ratio to distance, explosive and deadly dangerous
Causing catastrophe, wreaking convulsive calamitous collapse
Of once steadied waveforms undulating gracefully
Peaking in horrific crests of augury and deepened rifts of impish devilry
The idyllic underlying order disturbed by thaumaturgic sorcery
One thing cannot proceed from another in ubiquitous continuity
Instead a chaos, a morass of misrule and disarrangement
Nonsensical disarray and absurd and desultory progressions
Cascading over cliffsides and dashed against sharp and pointed boulders
A maundering meandering of fate, disheveled and deviant
Random and arbitrary, indiscriminate and incidental
Until once again the balance of polarity is restored by proximity
And the mangled tangled rupture of prehistoric fabric is mended
Fleshy fibers sewn or grown together by the darting of deft needles
Worldly surgeons wield and weld to yoke and catenate
By the flowing of the great gooey glue by contiguous capillary
When the multitudinous interminglry of royal raiments are restored
And the dark twins are reconjoined at the apex of the origin
Where the predestinate prognostication is free to proceed as planned