Not much is actually known about this obscure record label which has been mostly lost in the drifting sands of time.

Some say it has been deliberately suppressed and hidden by it’s mysterious and enigmatic founder Thune Garrison (about whom very little is actually known that is not mere speculation), who is also known as “Nazili” by his highly eccentric “cult” of followers.

In the early 1980’s some of the original recordings and vinyl pressings of the SHINE catalog were uncovered by PortSide’s music critic and collector extraordinaire, Chess Flagman. Unfortunately, not long after making his discovery Chess disappeared without a trace and was assumed the victim of some nefarious foul play, so the discovered materials and reviews he uncovered were never made public.

Recent re-discovery of the lost materials on this obscure label have brought to light a vast and twisted story that unfolds as continued research into the strange, almost other-worldly origins of the SHINE label continue to try to answer such questions as what happened to this label? Where did all of these bands disappear to? Are they still around in one shape or another? Are they all dead? Were they shipped off inside a huge UFO to another star system in a galaxy far away? Why is there such little documentation of this label? Why can’t I buy any of these records anywhere, let alone find them in any shops? It’s almost as though there is a hidden hand which seeks to insist that this label, and all the bands on it, NEVER EXISTED AT ALL.