Mystic Tape Deck – Our Bizarre Communication Flow, Explained

There have been quite a few questions popping up regarding who we are, how we fit in and exactly what our roles are in the context of telling you this story. We thought we’d put together a quick and simple infographic to demonstrate how communication using the Mystic Tape Deck works for us. There are many transdimensional beings with whom we communicate via the tape deck. Some of these include the BARDS, the Cloak Of Nazili and many other as-of-yet unidentified sources. While we refer to ourselves in a holistic manner as “Mystic Tape Deck”, we are truly just curators, translators and communicators of the tape deck.

A technician dialing in the audio spectrometer and receiving a new transmission

These various groups of transdimensional beings reside on the other side of a magnetized ferric-oxide barrier, and the Mystic Tape Deck acts as a communication tool between the two sides of this barrier. All transmissions are unidirectional, we do not speak (at least not directly) to the BARDS. They speak to us by leaving encoded messages embedded in the ferric oxide layer, which is in turn interpolated by the Mystic Tape Deck and finally written into the sacred books by our editors on this side of the barrier. Then they are manually transcribed and published on this website as they are received. We do not control the frequency of these communications, and cannot “ask questions” freely. Messages are often sent back through the barrier by our editors, but there is currently no means of confirming that they are received on the other side with any measure of reliability.

One of our technicians adjusting a feedback loop to better focus the resulting sine wave so it can be decoded

The “choppy” nature of this means of communication comes from our editors receiving only pieces of the story at time. The whole story is on the tapes, but the information is encoded and/or corrupted to the point that lots of work must be performed to restore the communications to a legible state where they can subsequently be transcribed. A variety of electronic tools assist our editors in this process – parameteric multiband equalizers, dynamic processors, optical megabit transpilers, and a few other secret and proprietary tools are among the items involved in decoding the transmissions.

Eventually, the decoded information is disseminated through whatever channels (currently only this website and blog) where it can reach its final audience.


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