SHINE cosmogony – building an understanding of our peculiar universe

The universe began as a lonely light

In the beginning of the SHINE cosmogony there is only the truth, a solid sphere of light outside of which nothing else exists. This truth consists of all of the information in the universe, every event that will ever happen. Everything “true” and observable, every thing discoverable and known contained within. In the beginning the truth was “intact” – forming a cohesive singular dimension. This self-aware “intact truth”, like a big ethereal brain continually creating the “story of everything,” is endlessly iterating details within it’s enclosed consciousness.

But the light had no companion, no comparison by which it could contrast itself and it’s meaning was trivial. It was in a sense, lonely. It imagined darkness, and in the instant of this imagining, was invaded and interpolated by darkness. The light was shattered and scattered far and wide across time and space creating the known universe as we perceive it.

The grand folly of self aware beings

The universe appears infinite only to self aware beings whose limited senses understand it as being perpendicular to their own finite existence. Without something infinite to contrast the finite, there is no “scope” within which our senses become useful. The “light needing darkness to exist” becomes the new paradigm by which all of existence is patterned.

As perception increases, our environment is in turn magnified. A new view is created on demand as we peer from each successive vista. There is never an “end” to what can potentially be perceived. This is what constitutes the “grand folly” of self-aware beings. They can never have true knowledge of the nature of things as there is no end to how deeply we can delve into the darkness looking for light. The deeper we look, the greater the magnification and the further we are able to look from each succeeding vista. In reality, the universe is not infinite, but singular in dimension. We are merely able to examine it in infinite detail due to this effect of perceptual magnification.

The one, the many, and the great cosmic brain

Humans “exist” within this giant cosmic brain that is imagining not only us, but the universe which we can in turn observe. We are the means through which this great cosmic brain is able to be self aware. Instruments and tools of its self exploration and analysis. In order for the light in the cosmic brain to be made whole again, the little flickers of light scattered in the beginning must be collected and reassembled. As sentient beings we are it’s primary instruments of this task.

These light fragments are “sticky” in our brains, when we find them they attach themselves to us. Seldom are we aware this is even happening. Every piece of anything that is, was once part of a whole, of which it retains a memory and wants to become part of again. The whole vitality of existence itself is explained as the almost “magnetic” attraction of the many striving to re-become the one.

Abiogenesis and reflections of consciousness

A lifeless rock is transformed at random by an unknown entity containing a “chunk” of information, spontaneously generating conscious, self-aware life. Higher creatures (referred to as higher simply because they exist on a higher band of the life spectrum than self-aware beings do) possess life and all endemic to it, but they have no self-awareness.

Imagine that life is like a rainbow with many bands of different colors. All matter is situated on this vibrational spectrum. Self-aware intelligent beings fall lower on this spectrum than say, lions and dogs. Beings of the higher vibrational spectrum do not imagine they have free will or a “higher purpose.” They do not see themselves as playing a part in a larger story. They do not imagine they can change the story like we do, and so they have no self-importance or ego. These higher beings do not gaze with intent into the magnified pools in hopes of seeing their reflection. They do not “seek” truth and the light does not stick to them the way it does to self aware beings such as ourselves.

The Shining One and entanglement sense

Amidst this struggle of self-aware life coming to be, a being was randomly (or purposely, who is to know?) generated on the life matrix which occasionally and unpredictably becomes “illuminated.” In this state of illumination he can recall all details of his previous lives and access the akashic records almost instantaneously. He is able to “see all and know all” as a truly omniscient being.

While he is able to see the past, present and future, he is not able to understand it’s full context. It is as though he is seeing “pictures” of events and maps of complex causality which he is not able to fully trace or comprehend. They appear to him as amorphous visions swimming in an infinite sea of deterministic connections. Over time his “entanglement sense” is honed to connect these strings of causality allowing him to see patterns which form a “web” of predictability infinitely immense in scale and detail.

Wisdom is accrued naturally over the arc of his pattern of incarnations analogous to a single lifetime. He is repeatedly “born into the world” ignorant of his exceptional gifts. Subsequent incarnations begin building a knowledge base as he becomes increasingly wise. Understanding grows as he becomes better able to grasp what it is he sees with this special entanglement sense.

From ego death to action ripples

The “Shining One” is both mortal and immortal. His physical body can age and perish like any other mortal being, but his consciousness is continually “reborn” into new bodies. In mortal incarnations, he is not immediately aware of his gifts. Instead this awareness occurs as he has random “awakenings” at different points in time during each incarnation. He is never able to pinpoint the exact cause or trigger of these awakenings, they seem to occur randomly. Seeing his gift as a curse early in his multi-life arc, he attempts to end his life many times and in many different manners.

Dispatching his mortal form by means self-immolation, encasing himself in a block of solid stone, freezing himself in polar ice, being buried under ten meters of soil, hurling himself willfully into a lava pit, and many other gruesome means are all met with failure. Experimenting with various methods he repeatedly tries to “die permanently.”

Finding this ineffectual he abandons the search for ever-lasting death, instead seeking to understand his gift and why he was bestowed with it. He instead turns to studying how he can manipulate the course of humanity and their evolution over eons of time. He performs “actions” upon the world, emitting ripples of causation that last long beyond a single lifetime, devoting himself entirely to tracking the course of these waves over many lifetimes.

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