The Librarian

Lurking behind the vibrational excitement of the luminous veil
Forged amid the diaphanous leaves of dusty ancient tomes
A yearning to shed this putrid sheath of flesh and flee
To live amongst the towering zeniths of the epic quatrain
Swirling verse and poignant prose discorporate and buzzing
Insectoid syllables flit and dart, rising and diving in rancorous rhythms
Sizzling susurrations of swarms of unswattable gnats
Throwing off the prisons of page and print and pattern
A higher lower meaning concealed in careful arrangements
Drawn together in symbolic etymological syllabaries 
Sheathed in shimmering sheaves, the coriaceous clusters
Sprawling chronicles of cerebral somersaults tumbling over tongues
Twisting scribbles stretching steadfast serpentine curls 
Levitating leviathans pondering polyphemian parlance
Juice of Persephone’s pomegranate dripping from their chins
Returning from the underworld to celebrate summery sabbaths
As they beat upon their dry and leathery drums, stepping in time
In perverted parades of paradoxical purgatories manifest in morning
Gilded gates unguarded, open to any whose fear they may flout
Where within awaits a discarnate entity exsanguinous and wan
Listening for the secret knock upon the ivy obscured ingress 
Eternally whispering, reciting the elongated excursus
Name all but lost to the mist of unknowables, Enyo the eyeless 
The plucked-out oculus lost long ago when they were three
Single tooth gnarled and green dangling from a tarnished chain
A sightless swan-shaped sentinel with a lantern lodestar
Held aloft to pierce the darkened passages with dancing shadows
Twisting in a knotted and elaborate muddled morass 
At whose center lies the inimitable index immense and endless
Magnificent teetering rows of senescent spines
Massive walls of ancient impossible architecture
Towering over umbrous alcoves
Sounds of saliva moistened digits gripping parchment edges
Turning leaves tumble and twirl in temporal tempests
Words floating from the page, ingested by edacious orbs
Nourishing needy nodes of electrically stimulated nerve cells
Manifolds morphing meaning, memes forming excited engrams
Eagerly embedding within the soft flash of basolateral amygdala
Recalled by means of odorous olfactory potentiation
The musty, dusty smell of an ancient association
Motivational salience driving fast and rickety rickshaws
Rolling down rocky roads, splashing puddles on the inside
Rushing rivers ravaging rocky ravines
Wooden troughs wainscoted with wadded wool
Where the icy winter waters filter through
Leaving in their wake, arrested within the worsted wrinkles
Flashing flakes of smelting metals silver and gold
Which we with cone and rod and cumbersome comb
Gently extract and sweep into small glittering piles
Which will one day dwarf the mountains of the dragons
Whose arteries the salient streams all spill forth from
To be toppled by throngs of marauding maudlin goblins
Who in turn transcribe into tart and trenchant tomes
Those slippery serpentine syllables we read aloud today
From elongated unfurling membranous memorandums
Upon a menagerie of mugglery, lacking and liquescent
Their ears are melted off, and then their eyes 
Vanishing into voids of evaporated energy emissions
Ready receptacles ripened for receiving tattered instruction
Becoming electrons broken free from their cyclic orbits
And flung far away from the imminent and menacing mobius
Satiating the thirst of a salty sentience suddenly severed
Broken from the chain and hurtling headlong into moksha

Author: PS Perkins

The primary visionary behind the SHINING ONE series. I write, play and produce our music, write the books and poems and lyrics and am the primary contact for the project.